When you plan to organize the congress?

Save this date! from April 28 to May 3, 2024.

What is the theme of the ICOH Marrakech 2024 Congress?

“Enhancing occupational health research and practices. Closing the gaps"

Where will the ICOH Marrakech 2024 Congress venue?

The Palais des Congrès in Marrakech has been an international meeting place in the Imperial City for decades. It is ideally located in the heart of the tourist part of the city of Marrakech, less than 10 minutes by car from Marrakech International Airport, and less than 15 minutes on foot from the city center and the old part of the city. medina. Located on the most prestigious avenues of the city and close (5min) to the majority of the city's sumptuous hotels, the convention center can accommodate any important event with a variety of meeting rooms all equipped with modern technologies. It is an ideal platform that can accommodate up to 5,000 participants, it is also an exhibition space with a capacity of 8,000 m 2 and multiple conference rooms and workshops.

When can we start registering for the ICOH Marrakech 2024 Congress?

You can consult the calendar made available to you on the ICOH 2024 website (icoh2024.ma) to stay informed of all the key dates of the congress, it is recommended to subscribe our Newsletter to stay up-to-date

How to reach Marrakech ?

Wherever you are, we will provide you with a safe way to reach Marrakech in the best possible conditions! A welcome stand at MARRAKECH airport will be at your disposal to direct you according to your needs. We also offer a range of offers at preferential prices for our guests from other destinations. The details of the offers and prices will be sent to you by registered mail.

How to access to the venue?

Wherever will the Marquee be in the City, easy and frequent access will be provided by the organization through shuttle services between the various hotels and the venues, back and forth (Congress site, functions sites...).
A heavy schedule of buses and minibuses shuttles will be available taking into consideration the hotels / appartements booked.
On another hand, similar disposals from / To Marrakech airport will be set-up, with full welcoming staff, available on permanent basis. Transfers from / to the train station will also be organized.
As for guests landing in Casablanca airport, only 2 hours drive away, pick- up and drop off services will be arranged, according to information given by the participants at time of registration and booking.
The Logistics Department of the PCO is used and well trained to face thousands of arrivals and transfers on weekly basis and operates with state of the art applications and own running material.
Marrakech airport is very close to the city and only a quick taxi ride away (15 to 20 Euros)

How can I submit a communication proposal for the ICOH Marrakech 2024 Congress?

On the icoh2024.ma website once submissions are open To stay informed of all the key dates of the congress, you are recommended to subscribe to our Newsletter

How much are the ICOH Marrakech 2024 registration fees?

Registration fees are still being negotiated.

If the health situation changes, will the congress still be held face-to- face?

Admittedly, the requirements of the pandemic situation constitute a real challenge for the organizers, but we intend to hold ICOH Marrakech 2024 face-to-face and make it "the congress of reunions/ getting together".

Is on-site registration possible ?

We plan to include this possibility however with additional costs. It would be better to register online and take advantage of the exclusive rates during the early registration fee

What are the payment options?

Online, bny credit card or bank transfer

How can I benefit from a reduced rate at the congress?

Only developing countries benefit from a preferential rate. In addition, young researchers from these countries will be able to benefit from scholarships if they apply the conditions that will be defined by the Working Group. Participants from developing countries and countries in transition will receive full or partial financial support for registration fees, air travel and accommodation. Country ICOH member attendees receive Ng discounts and scientists under 35 receive a registration fee discount of up to 50%.

What are the official languages of the congress?

English and French. Simultaneous translation will be available in all plenary and semi-plenary sessions, and in some meeting rooms.

Is Morocco a safe destination for a woman or for non-Muslims?

First, founded in 1956, The Moroccan national security is under the authority of the ministry of interior. Its members serve with dedication and total abnegation the country, its citizens, and visitors. The efficiency of the Moroccan National Security has been widely awarded by Interpol, namely for its ID system. The Moroccan police is as well famous for its efficiency and often called upon to collaborate in sensitive international issues. The country is known to be safe and the citizens widely collaborate with the authorities for the sake of all. Women are today largely represented in this elite body. Morocco is as safe for a woman and non- Muslims as any other country. There are a few general precautions to keep in mind, but if you've traveled anywhere in the world, you'll face similar issues. Good to know, everyday thousands of women visit and millions more live here. Traveling to Morocco as a woman is nothing new. Morocco is safe for female tourists. But it is important to be aware of cultural norms.
Also be aware that tourists have some leeway when it comes to dress and behavior. You don't need to dress or act like the locals would. There is no dress code for Morocco, although some respect is appreciated and advised. Morocco is one of the safest destinations to visit according to the Global Peace Index, ranked 79th in 2021 (6th in the Middle East and North Africa)

What are the key destinations to not not be missed in Marrakech?

Marrakech is one of the most visited and popular cities in Morocco. It is famous for the bustle of its medina, for its fortified medieval city center with its labyrinthine alleys and its souks, for its luxurious palaces and its luxuriant gardens. A bustling and passionate destination, Marrakech offers the perfect blend of culture, stunning scenery, and fascinating architecture. The one nicknamed "The Pearl of the South" or even "The Red City", although it is said to be disfigured by mass tourism, has a myriad of places of interest that will not make you hesitate twice to visit Marrakesh! We will make you experience our rather rich and varied programs before, during and even after the closing: o Well-being activities (SPA / Hamam) o Guided city tours (Carriage tour) o Excursions o More than a thousand sports activities in Marrakech o Kitchen stand animation o Nightlife

A few practical information about the kingdom of Morocco

SITUATION: The Kingdom of Morocco is situated along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, in the northwestern tip of Africa and over and Area of 710,850 square km. It is bordered by Algeria in the east and by Mauritania in the south, whereas north and west are respectively bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Tangiers is separated from Spain by the straits of Gibraltar (15 Km).
WATER: Morocco's tap water is drinkable in most parts of the country, however bottled water is often recommended. HEALTH: No vaccination is required. ELECTRICITY: 220 volts AC 60 cycles. CAPITAL: Rabat MONETARY UNIT: Moroccan Dirham (MAD) EXCHANGE RATES: (non contractual) 1 euro = 11,09 MAD / 1 USD = 9,5 MAD LANGUAGES: Classic arabic (official for written communication), Berber dialects and moroccan dialect are used for everyday communication. French is widely spoken and mostly used for business. English and Spanish are also widely spoken. VISAS: Please refer to the Moroccan consular service or embassy in your country to check whether an entry visa is required. TIME ZONE: GMT/UTC: GMT + 1 during Spring & Summer. TRANSPORTATION: Morocco offers an excellent network of highways, from Tangier to Agadir, of frequent and reliable trains, high- speed train lines (TGV Tangiers - Casablanca: 1h45), of convenient ferries connections with Europe and all major airports offer numerous flights and Companies to Europe (1 to 3 hours flights). Transatlantic destinations, the Middle East and Africa, making the country conveniently close, very easily reachable and easy to visit. WEATHER: Morocco enjoys a climate diversity, and the weather is different depending On the regions: on the coasts, the climate is moderate, cooled by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the average temperature of the year is 20° C. Whereas inland temperatures can be more extreme with quite cold winter times and hot summer times. In the Mountain areas, snow caps the tops almost all year and the temperature in the cold sea- son can be under l° C. Winter in the north of the country is wet and rainy and, in the south, or the edge of the Moroccan Sahara, it is dry and can sometimes be really humid by night. GASTRONOMY: Morocco is famous for its unique cuisine and each region has its specific dishes. However, there are some famous dishes that are in the menu of every region such as Couscous (semolina grain served with vegetables and meat), Pastilla (apastry stuffed with chicken and almonds or with fish and seafood) as well as tagine (a stew cooked using an earthenware dish) all complemented by an after-meal cup of mint tea.

What is the climate of Marrakesh?

Marrakesh enjoys a mild continental climate, with average temperatures in April around 23°C and 25°C during the day and a low temperature around 12°C. In addition, the sun is shining almost all year round, and there is no real "rainy" season. Rain may fall from time to time, but rarely and very exceptionally continuously. This asset, in addition to many others, has made Marrakesh a privileged destination and highly contributed to its success.

Is Morocco a stable country?

Politically: Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. Opposition political parties are legal, and several have been formed in recent years. Politics of Morocco take place in a framework of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, whereby the Prime Minister of Morocco is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the two chambers of parliament, the Assembly of Representatives of Morocco and the Assembly of Councilors. The Moroccan Constitution provides for a monarchy with a Parliament and an independent judiciary System.
The Government has placed - and implements - as a priority in the Country agenda a "New Governance" based on the Spanish and German models and focused on regionalization and autonomy, as a very strong signal in recognition and full implementation of Democracy.
The Moroccan Constitution has been written with the help of French Constitutionalists, thus reflecting fully, the French democratic model and granting the country credibility and trust. In addition, by implementing an "International Ruling system" to run the Institutions, the Country is getting recognition and good ranking at international level. Morocco is consequently a politically stable country and recognized so by worldwide institutions, as praised by major Chiefs of States to be a model of democracy in emerging countries.
Major International Notation Agences rate Morocco credit worthiness with positive and stable outlook (Bal for Moody's and BBB for Standard & Poors and Fitch), which reflect good political stability.
Economically The modernization reforms plan results in increasing the country economical competitiveness and help reducing the Public Debt.
The country has maintained - in spite of the crisis - a positive growth, with good agricultural sector results, combined with the consolidation of the internal demand. Inaddition, the government continues helping the investment and exportations.
The inflation ratio has decreased (3,7% to 1,7% due to lower rates of the energetic goods and of the raw materials markets, at international level 2017 has registered a growth of 4, 1% thanks to non-agricultural sectors. Primary sectors and fishing have shown dynamism and money transfers from Moroccans living abroad have increased by 10%, all creating a good "business climate". Global growth ratio for 2018 is estimated to reach around 3,8%.